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This Penis Pump Kit features a transparent 9-inch cylinder with measurement markings so you can track your progress with each pump. The wide lip base ensures a tight seal, while the flexible hose and quick release valve makes it easy to maneuver and release the pump when you're ready to play.


The ergonomic hand pump comes included with a large pressure gauge so you can find the amount of pressure that works best with your package.


This Pump Kit is perfect for those who want a more sensitive and long-lasting erection - utilize your favorite cock ring to maintain your new pumped-up shaft!


Measurements: Overall length 9 inches, diameter opening 2.25 inches, hose length 10.25 inches


Materials: Metal, acrylic, phthalate-free silicone


Key Features:


Enhance Your Erection: Everything you need to pump your package is included - increase blood flow to your shaft to improve your erection duration and sensitivity


Observe Your Growth: The transparent cylinder features measurement marks so you can track your progress, while the wide base at the opening of the cylinder ensures a secure seal


Ergonomic Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge: The easy grip hand pump makes it easy to squeeze air out of the chamber; keep an eye on the pressure gauge to find your preferred level of suction


Quick and Easy Release Valve: Disconnect the hose with the quick release valve; the simple design makes it easy to detach and re-attach the hose while you play

Penis Pump Kit with 2.25 Inch Cylinder


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