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The homemade dildo kit lets you make an exact, vibrating, silicone replica of any penis.


Clone-A-Willy's casting kit captures incredible lifelike detail, making it the most personalized sex toy on the planet!


Multiple colors available (Light Skin Tone, Hot Pink, Neon Purple, Glow In The Dark)


Each Clone-A-Willy kit comes with:


  • Body-safe, DIY homemade dildo
  • clone kit
  • jet black-colored silicone
  • Algae-based molding powder
  • Molding tube (2.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall)
  • Single-speed vibrator
  • Easy-to-follow instructions (view the latest version here)


P.S. If your penis is 9” or larger, you will need to use an XL vibrator and may need extra silicone.


**If you want to make a non-vibrating dildo, you'll need extra silicone. **

Clone-A-Willy DIY Kit

SKU: 010
  • Hardness & Density: Medium
    Vibrator Sound Level: Buzzing
    Vegan:  No
    Made of Silicone: Yes 
    Dimensions: N/A
    Weight: N/A
    Remote Control: No
    Waterproof:  Yes 
    Phthalate-free: Yes 
    Charger: N/A
    Power Source: N/A
    Max Run Time: N/A

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