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It's Time to End Period Stigma and Shame!

It is no secret that menstruators have been taught to hide their periods throughout history. We all remember the old tampon-up-the-sleeve trick in school because, god forbid, someone knew it was that time of the month!

But why does this stigma even exist in the first place? It actually stems from years and years of cultural and sociopolitical beliefs. Since menstruation has been viewed as solely a "women's issue" through most of history, it is associated with all of the negative attitudes and shame that women have often been burdened with.

For this reason, people who menstruate are often met with external and internal shame and stigma around their periods. There are attitudes that frame menstruation as something "dirty" and "debilitating." And, there are people who believe periods make menstruators irrational, angry, and even mentally or physically ill.

Currently, we are entering the era of a phenomenon called the "modern period." This era consists of viral events sparking global conversation.

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